There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a fall coat. A topper makes the transition between seasons so simple- if you aren’t ready to fully change over your closet just yet, many of the pieces you want to make last just a wee bit longer will work perfectly paired with one of these picks. And then, as the temps to begin to take a more dramatic dip, your sweaters and such will layer underneath, and before you know it, your “fall” coat has taken you through much of the winter, and will for sure reappear come the start of spring.

Here are the four trends featured in my Today Show segment- click through for the details!

Black, White and Lady Like

Robe Coat

Good in Grey

Fall Parka

Since my belt collection features some of the most oft-worn accessories in my closet, I decided to go on a little  buying binge this week to update my assortment.  These days, I wear belts right under my chest to make many of my go-to basics maternity-wear appropriate (a makeshift empire waist, if you will) but for the long haul, tied around the waist of every basic I own, these change the look of a black t-shirt, a navy blazer, a grey jersey dress, an A-line fall coat and so on in seconds.

Click here (or see below) to peek my picks.

Kelly Wearstler jewelry

My  obsession with Kelly Wearstler jewelry knows no bounds. Seriously. Have you seen her stuff? Well now is the time to look because Labor Day Weekend means 50% off select pieces, with the code LABORDAY. Each of the items above is actually pretty reasonable to begin with given the quality. But slash the regular prices in half? Dying. This 22k gold plated Rubric Cuff is under $140, this diamond and brass ring is around $165 and these timeless burnished gold and crystal earrings are, um, $75. Yep. $75.  Oh, and we must not forget this gorgeous druzy and crystal encrusted cuff- under $150.Blueflybags

I often forget about Bluefly, but today I ended up on the site and noticed insane deals on handbags- up to 50% off this weekend. This pink & gray Rebecca Minkoff number is so perfect to complement the fall pastel outerwear trend.  I have never seen a sequined slouchy hobo bag quite like this one from Alice + Olivia before, and at around $150 off, I would certainly like to see more of it (in my closet.) And I can’t even believe that this navy beauty from Fendi is deeply discounted- I thought they were sold out everywhere, but apparently not! 


Anthropologie has an extra 20% off sale items, and many of said items are perfect finds for Fall. For example, these black satin Superga sneakers and this Anorak Vest.

Torn by Ronny Kobo

I swear by Torn by Ronny Kobo dresses and separates for TV appearances (well, at least I do when I am not 5 months pregnant!) and the entire site is 20% off with the code LABORDAY20. The pieces I would most certainly be buying for fall are pictured above, but there is MUCH more where those came from. 

First Day of School photo

This week Alexa started the 3′s program at preschool. And of course, in this new age of social media snapshots fueled by Pinterest creativity, I had to take the requisite first day of school photo. And truth be told, the photo actually says more about me than it does about her (and I am not just saying that because I am an egomaniacal only child who has to make everything about her…) Let me explain…

I don’t think Alexa really grasps the momentous occasion of starting a new school year and all the changes that it will bring (new friends, new experiences, etc.). She definitely sensed that today marked something new- but the more of a big deal I made about it, the more anxious she seemed to become. So, being the perceptive cause-and-effect parent I guess I am (haha) I began downplaying it a bit as the clock inched closer to 8:45am (inching is the best way to describe that sometimes 2 hour before-school stretch of time, right?) But, there was no way I was letting her go to school without taking this photo. You wanna know why?

Because I made the sign. All by myself. On Photoshop. (Refer to this blog post about teaching myself to do things this year to understand why this is such a personal point of pride.) Last year, at this exact same time, I vividly remember trying desperately to fashion a cute sign out of my Sharpie collection with no success- and then turning to Etsy around 1am in a fervent attempt to find an instant download that referenced the first day of the 2′s but had to settle for a more generic “preschool” sign.

Fast forward 365 days.

I found a little tutorial in chalkboard sign making here. Then I used a special font I had chosen (and figured out how to download into my Photoshop program, none the less!) for Alexa’s school logo wear which I am in charge of this year (another reason today was big for me too- for the first time I wasn’t this shy awkward mom tip-toeing into school, but rather I strode in with the confidence that, for me, only comes with having an official purpose).  In an effort to further personalize my little work of art, I altered the color from white to a bright pink. Then I figured out how to resize the image so it could be printed out and placed in the vintage frame I picked up on a recent Goodwill trip for a perfect fit. 

So many things about the paragraph above make me feel majorly grown up, you have no idea…

Oh- and in case you are wondering, after all of Lex’s anxious pleas to stay home with me for the morning, minutes after walking into her class she was happy as can be and waved me out of the room in favor of playing pretend store with her friends. Go figure- the girl tugs at my heart strings for two hours and then, with the wave of a hand, dismisses me completely. And so is motherhood…

Note: I feel like there should be an apostrophe between the “3″ and the “s” however, in the font I used, it wasn’t an option so I improvised. Also, the smudgy part of the sign is actually where I printed the name of Alexa’s school, but thought it smart to delete that from my public blog post. Honestly, for a few minutes I was torn on whether or not to do the whole smudging thing at the detriment of showing off off my  design prowess.  But clearly safety comes first (see how mature I am becoming?!) hence you will have to use your imagination as to the true extent of my Photoshop expertise. 


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