Even if you already have a pair of wedge sneakers in your closet, you really should buy another pair. And then another. And then, probably play it safe and buy one more. Because wedge sneakers are just about the most wonderful thing to happen to any woman on the planet who wears shoes- and if you don’t believe me, just watch this.

Here are the details on the styles featured:
Cool, not cliché, momNike Force Sky High Sneaker Wedge
Sneak sneakers with jeans hemmed for heels: L.A.M.B. Freeda
Sporting event style: adidas Originals
Short shorts saviors: PUMA Sky High Wedge and PUMA Classic Wedge
Commuter chic: Marc by Marc Jacobs Low Wedge (on sale!)

In love with rose gold? Check these metallic stunners out. And sure, this pair is pricey, but try to argue with me that they are not worth every penny. I mean, I would wear them at least 300 out of the 365 days of the year, wouldn’t you?



Style yourself smart for Spring with these fashion innovations, featured in my latest segment in “The View”. Personally, am obsessed with them all- I hope you are too!

1) CeCe Toppings: A modern take on the classic collar, this is a fashion fakeout that gives the polish of a layered look without the extra, um, padding that often comes with it. 

2) HoodToGo: Never let rain ruin a good hair day again- this portable water-resistant hood can be slipped on under any jacket for instant shelter from spring showers. 

3) KCuffs: The most simple way to make a basic anything but boring, these removable cuffs add sparkle to a long sleeve top, punch up a blazer or accessorize a cocktail look- slip ‘em on and off as often as your want to exponentially expand your wardrobe options. (Side note: The creator’s young daughter wears the sparkly cuffs around the ankles of her leggings- such a great idea!)

4) Sholdit: The fashion factor of a chic scarf, and the functionality of a clutch. I love that this allows me to have my hands free without sacrificing the essentials (iPhone, wallet, lip gloss) when running around with my daughter or walking the dog. 

5) Crocs Stretch Sole Flat: Sure, heels get a bad rap but in my experience, it is flats that can really tear up a girl’s feet. These feature patent-pending technology that allows the shoe to custom fit right to your foot every time you put it on. 

6) 3-Way Modpack Bag: Chic bags can cost a pretty penny, so I love that this on-trend eco-friendly leather style can be worn as a clutch, a hip purse or a shoulder bag- making it the ultimate purse to tote along when you travel.

Also featured, but not pictured above, “buildable baubles” from Ava Gray- statement jewels that can be mixed, matched and worn in dozens of different ways. 


Long ago, an on-air personality and producer (ahem, Amy Palmer) much more experienced than I, gave me a piece of advice.  She said, in the nicest way possible, that unkept nails are unacceptable on TV. Especially for a beauty expert showcasing products that require fingertip footage.  At the time, I was 25 years old and really had no excuse not to get a quick pre-segment manicure at the nail place underneath my apartment. 

A decade later, I have many excuses. I have a kid I want to hang out with. Nail salons in suburbia close at 6pm. And in the rare event that a 30 minute block of free time appears on my calendar, I can think of 30 more productive ways to spend it than confined to a chair, obsessing over my to-do list.

So I started doing my own nails. But even my best efforts resulted in an imminent chip (or five). As such, I resigned myself to sheer shades. Pretty and practical, yes. But kinda boring, no?

Enter celebrity manicurist Tracylee.  I worked with her on a video project for Sally Hansen (she is the brand’s Nail Ambassador), and between takes she gave me the tip that I share in this installment of Selective Eye.

Tracylee, I owe you. Because ever since you shared this super simple nugget of knowledge, the most punchy hued polishes in my collection have gotten their chance at  (chip-free!) on-camera close ups.


A very major thing happened this week.  At least as far as your feet (and fashion sense) are concerned. 

The Havaianas + Mara Hoffman collection launched.

Featuring four signature prints from Hoffman’s Resort ’14 collection, these limited edition flip flops are, in my opinion, one of the most covetable collaborations in recent memory.  I mean, just look at them! Amazing, right? 

The explosion of patterns and colors, inspired by the mysticism and mythology of India, have a bohemian vibe, super suited to resort and beach wear.  But beyond the sand and surf, the designs have an element of sophistication which makes them just as perfect to pair with the basic black, grey and navy jersey dresses I (and many of you) live in all summer long. So the $44 price tag is easily justified. 

In the video created to celebrate the launch, Mara says “I get great pleasure out of designing things that I know people are taking with them when they will be their most happy.” Don’t you just love that? 

Get yours now (they are selling out quickly, you have been warned!) here

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