A high end designer/affordable retailer collaboration launched this week that I happen to be INSANELY excited about. Coming from a girl who does not get overly excited about limited edition capsule collections anymore (thanks to a closet full of “ghosts of collaborations past” pieces that I rarely, if ever, wear- sound familiar?), this proclamation should hold some serious weight.

No, it is not Lilly Pulitzer for Target. It is Milly for Kohl’s DesigNation. It launched yesterday, and it is all kinds of awesome. Inspired by the technicolor vistas of Capri, the bold, feminine-with-an-edge collection is all around perfection. Nothing is over $100 (and right now, you can score all the pieces for an additional 25% off- nice.)

The stand outs, in my opinion, are the “scuba” pieces- easy to wear dresses and super flattering pencil skirts that feel like lightweight neoprene, resist wrinkling and look polished without being precious or prissy.

This black midi scuba skirt should to be a staple in every closet- I would wear it with a white tank top and a cropped denim jacket. And I am quite confident that this will be my go-to cocktail party dress- comfy and durable enough to wear for hours, when said cocktail party turns into a boozy late night out, as they so often tend to do out here in the ‘burbs.

Oh- and the dress I am wearing in the photo also comes in a little girl version (sizes 4-6x), which I have clearly already ordered for Alexa.

Check these looks out, and shop away!




60% of adults have “secret travel quirks” that come to life whenever they check into a hotel. I am most definitely one of them.

Take last Monday as an example. I ventured to the Hyatt Place near the US Capitol in Washington, DC for a day of media interviews on behalf of their new “There’s A Place For You” campaign. Hyatt Place conducted a survey that revealed, amongst many other things, the aforementioned statistic to encourage travelers to embrace their unique hotel habits and make the most of time away from home. Which of course prompted me to take notice of my own.

My three travel quirks to make a busy work trip feel like a vacation? 

1- Next Level Unpacking: Within minutes of walking through the door, every single item is taken out of my suitcase and placed in the closet, drawers and vanity in such a way that rivals the most meticulously appointed boutique.

 2- Sheet Mask Pampering: The peace and quiet of a hotel room is the ideal place to indulge in a little DIY spa time- which for me, means a minimum mess, maximum benefit paper sheet mask. Tucked inside single-serving packettes, there really could not be a more convenient way to unwind and beautify after a long day of traveling. If you haven’t tried one yet, you need to get involved with this Korean beauty trend stat. This is a great option for moisture, love this for brightening and to look instantly more youthful, this is a must.

 3- Serious Sweating: Traveling used to be my excuse to skip the gym- but now, it is quite the opposite. Sure, some of this has to do with the advent of Keratin treatments (which make it easy for me to blow dry my own hair so I don’t need to worry about sweat sabotaging my ‘do) but also, with 2 kids at home, the opportunity to exercise often gets trumped by an impromptu game of Candyland or a fussy baby in need of a diaper change. On the road, the only barrier to my “100 Burpees a Day” routine is my own laziness. I keep a bunch of no-equipment-needed workout routines on my phone, and even if can only spare 15 minutes, I figure it is better than nothing! My roomy room at Hyatt Place left me plenty of space to throw down a mat and get an amazing workout, always majorly appreciated when I am traveling for work.

Oh- and while on the road, I typically eat my dinner in bed- something I could NEVER get away with at home. Sleeping alongside a crumb or two really doesn’t bother me- a small price to pay for the luxury of chicken fingers and fries enjoyed while snuggled up against fluffy pillows, agreed?

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Hyatt Place. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Hyatt Place.



I happen to have gorgeous friends. They are stunning, each and every one of them. Which is usually great- I mean, it is nice to pal around with pretty people, let’s be honest. However, at this very moment, it is awful. Totally, completely, annoyingly awful. See, I still have about 20 pounds of baby weight to lose and we are heading out on a group beach vacation in a few days. Yay for vacation, of course- but boo hiss for not feeling too comfortable in my own skin. Blech. 

In an effort to enjoy said vacation and, even beyond that, the many beach and pool days ahead of me this summer while I work to whittle down to my pre-pregnancy size, I decided to treat myself to some new coverups. To “scare myself skinny”, I have really not allowed myself to buy new “in between” pieces since having Goldie- but with beach coverups, since sizing never really has to be precise, I feel like I can go a little nuts and get one, two or, um, six boho, billowy, opaque options that will help hide the extra weight now and, once I am “back”, will drape in a flattering way to expose toned arms and legs that will no longer closely resemble tree trunks (the power of positive thinking, right?).

Here are the 10 best cover ups I am ogling on Shopbop right now, and each and every one (including most everything else on the site) is 25% off through April 9th! 




We never shared the names of our daughters before they were born. For me, it was partly about not wanting to hear everyone’s two cents- being openly unenthused by a chosen moniker is easier for family and friends to do when it isn’t technically attached to a newborn baby. The other reason was tradition- I don’t know where the tradition came from, but it has always been engrained in my head that revealing the name before birth was taboo. And the only thing more taboo than revealing the name was buying items personalized with the name…

But, sometimes a girl just can’t help herself.


 Eight weeks before Goldie was born, I discovered Little Woolf personalized sheets on Etsy and had to order one- I mean, how could I not, right?! To this day, it is the most often inquired about item in my home- everyone who sees it has to have it.


 Then, I came across monogrammed pillows, and, well, with a name like Goldie, these clearly had to be ready and waiting in her nursery upon her homecoming.

And finally, I had a vision of covering one wall in graffiti with her name on it- and it wasn’t like I could have someone spraying aerosol cans in the nursery while a newborn slept. That would surely be a #MOMFAIL more severe than sidestepping a little superstition, so, a month before my due date, I commissioned the piece pictured at the top of this post from a very talented local artist, Jermaine West.(This was also selfishly motivated- my husband wasn’t sure if he was 100% sold on the name Goldie, but, once this happened, he didn’t have much choice.)

Note: All photos in this post were taken by Ana Schechter- check out her work here.


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