Maternity Style: More of Me Maternity Print Dress

In LOVE with this More of Me Maternity Shirtdress.

I tore open the UPS delivery this morning in hopes of finding the perfect fall dress to wear for my Lord & Taylor event tonight, and voila- this was sitting right on top. I was actually planning to throw my Gryphon vest on over it- and when I went to the More of Me website to find a link to accompany this post, saw that the model on the landing page styled this dress the exact same way I was planning to. You know what they say about great fashion minds…

Paired it with my new Be&D Whitbey boots- perfectly slouchy so they make my legs look skinnier (hopefully!) by comparison. Granted with the silver grommets I can’t pile on the gold accessories like I normally do, but these boots are so freaking comfortable, I will deal with it.

Oh- and notice that the dress has both black and brown in it- doubling wearability options. Huge plus.

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One Response to “Maternity Style: More of Me Maternity Print Dress”

  1. Chloe says:

    Aww, love it! You prove that being preggers doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish, and those boots- dyyying over them. I love a good cuffed boot, yes oh yes I do.

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