Go-To Outfits Are Everything.

When I was dating, I had a go-to first date outfit. A dark pink ribbed Vanessa Bruno knit henley, black cami, Citizens of Humanity trouser flare jeans and pointy toe Gucci stilettos that I wish I had never given away. This made going on first dates much less painful- since given the choice, nine times out of ten I would have rather stayed home in my pajamas watching Dawson’s Creek. (Hey, it was 2003- Friday Night Lights wasn’t around yet.) But with the whole “what the F am I going to wear” part taken out of it, dating became much less stressful and I became much more open to meeting new people as a result.

While my first date days are long gone, the lesson learned from having that go-to outfit has stuck with me- and it really is invaluable. So, I have inaugurated a go-to “Saturday night double date” outfit.  See, Saturday night plans are rough lately- a full day with Alexa knocks me out. But in the interest of maintaining a life and staying sane (not to mention ordering in pizza from Vezzo two nights in a row would be embarrassing), Brian and I have made an effort to be good about making plans. But inevitably when 7pm rolls around, I throw a tantrum similar to the ones I used to throw before going out on a first date, begging Brian to let me cancel so we can watch TV and be in bed by 10.  Part of the anxiety definitely has to do with getting dressed- so now I have taken that out of the equation.

What is this outfit, you ask? It is comprised of favorite pieces from my closet that I always feel good in- and it is basic enough that when I want to switch it up a bit, all it takes is a few twirls of the curling iron, a makeup change-up and a little creative accessorizing.

Oh- and in case you are wondering- without fail, every time I motivate out oon a Saturday night, I end up being really thrilled I did. So any friends reading this who we have had dinner with recently- you can rest assured, we had a blast.

Hunter Dixon Ava Top, 7 For All Mankind Rachel Bell Bottom Jeans (blogged about here), Brian Atwood Maniac Pumps (blogged about here) and a big ol’ Dannijo cuff.

What is your a go-to outfit that makes a recurring occasion in your life less stressful? Do tell. I am always looking to add to my repertoire…



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  1. Hitha says:

    Your go-to outfit is great! I tend to reach for one of my vintage dresses from the 60′s, and pair them with black tights and either my sparkly or matte black PLV heels. eBay and Etsy have become my new hunting ground for dresses.

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