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Long ago, an on-air personality and producer (ahem, Amy Palmer) much more experienced than I, gave me a piece of advice.  She said, in the nicest way possible, that unkept nails are unacceptable on TV. Especially for a beauty expert showcasing products that require fingertip footage.  At the time, I was 25 years old and really had no excuse not to get a quick pre-segment manicure at the nail place underneath my apartment. 

A decade later, I have many excuses. I have a kid I want to hang out with. Nail salons in suburbia close at 6pm. And in the rare event that a 30 minute block of free time appears on my calendar, I can think of 30 more productive ways to spend it than confined to a chair, obsessing over my to-do list.

So I started doing my own nails. But even my best efforts resulted in an imminent chip (or five). As such, I resigned myself to sheer shades. Pretty and practical, yes. But kinda boring, no?

Enter celebrity manicurist Tracylee.  I worked with her on a video project for Sally Hansen (she is the brand’s Nail Ambassador), and between takes she gave me the tip that I share in this installment of Selective Eye.

Tracylee, I owe you. Because ever since you shared this super simple nugget of knowledge, the most punchy hued polishes in my collection have gotten their chance at  (chip-free!) on-camera close ups.

My obsession with luminous, glowing skin has led me to try more than my fair share of lotions and potions that claim to impart a “lit-from-within” glow. In my experience, many of them are just way too white/silvery/icy to look like anything that would naturally occur in a human being with a pulse.  

The (what I can best describe as a) rose-gold undertone in this illuminator from IT Cosmetics makes it profoundly different from every product I have tried proclaiming a similar purpose. I am madly in love with it. And unless you are a vampire, or a ghost, you will be too. 

It is the best beauty hack for truly long lasting lip color. 

When the new Colour Pencils from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics came across my desk, I fell in love with the red, pink and coral hues. Specifically the vibrant magenta called Hoochie. Yep, Hoochie. So, instead of just using it to line my pout’s perimeter, I filled in my entire lip. The pop of color was major, yes, but in a really good, matte, sophisticated way. Not, as the name may imply, hoochie-eque whatsoever.  And it lasted. From the time I applied it around 4pm until I came home from a meeting, dinner with friends and post-dinner cocktails and karaoke well after midnight. I didn’t have to re-apply once. 

The other essentials for creating a flawless long-lasting lip look? This makeup artist favorite (and sweet-tooth satisfying) lip scrub and this iconic (and affordable!) lip balm. 

Oh- and if you have yet to find the perfect product to keep lipstick from feathering into those annoying fine lines around the mouth, check out the Anti-Feather invisible pencil, a standout solution if I have ever tried on. 

If you want to try some of the other cult favorites from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, here are 5 top picks:

Eyeliner should not- I repeat should NOT- be relegated to special-occasion-only status. Rather, eyeliner can, and should, be worn every single day. A single thin line, applied correctly, will define the eyes just enough to transform the face in the most subtle, yet substantial, way.

The perfect eyeliner should to be TWO things: petite and precise. You will totally understand why these qualities are crucial, and subsequently why Ardency INN eyeliner is a makeup bag must-own after watching the latest installment of Selective Eye. 

Side Note: Coincidentally, earlier this week as I was preparing this post to launch the video, I got a call from TODAY. What did they want? To see if I would to do a segment about the right way to apply eyeliner. On Friday morning. Perfect timing!  If you missed the segment, I will be posting links later today on my social media platforms- follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest to check them out. 

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