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With the advent of the smartphone as timekeeper, even I (the most time-obsessed person on the planet, not kidding) stopped wearing a watch every day.  To be honest, I sort of forgot about watches altogether. But when I realized that   at my phone every 2 minutes to make sure Alexa and I would be on time to school was driving her nuts- “MOMMY! Put down your PHONE!” is a chorus often repeated during the morning rush chez Falik- it knew it was time to figure out a better solution to keep my “time disorder” under control.

A few days later after said revelation, I spotted the most sleek, modern, striking oversized watch on the wrist of a very stylish PR maven. Throughout our lunch meeting, I was eyeing it, trying to be all sly and figure out what brand it was so I could stalk it down for myself. Luckily, when she caught me squinting and kind of tilting my head in a weird way to get a better glimpse, she volunteered the information. The watch was from the new Timex Originals collection.

And nothing is over $75.

Who woulda thunk it?

Not I. Hence, I felt compelled to share a quick peek at my favorites with you all. Enjoy!


I am gonna be honest- the word “mommy” kind of makes me cringe. The phrase “mommy & me”, even more so. Apply said phrase to fashion or accessories, and you could pretty much count on me running for the hills in horror. Maybe I am becoming soft, or maybe the offerings are becoming chic (I like the think it is the latter!) but lately, two things with striking similarity have found their way into Alexa and my respective closets.

The first can be seen in this post. The second? Check out this week’s video, and you will totally get it. 

Samantha Faye jewelry came into my life a year or so before Alexa did. Her collection of whimsical but very wearable charms made me smile from the start (this was my first acquisition from the line, back in 2010), and I love that it is now something I can share with Lex in a way that doesn’t feel all Toddlers & Tiaras.

The prices are  reasonable as it is, but throw in a generous 20% off all purchases through May 30, and heck, why not do a little shopping for yourself and a little someone you love?

To redeem the discount, simply click here, shop and enter the code SelectiveEye at checkout.  

So have I.  And it sucks. Or, at least it did suck. Until Bronze Buffer was invented.

Now, even after a faux glow has fully developed, flaws can be fixed. Which is really the only way to guarantee a perfectly even flawless finish. I mean, how does one know instantly that she accidentally went a little heavy handed on her left knee or didn’t use the most expert technique when applying to her forearms until glancing in the mirror hours later? And for many, just the anticipation of this moment- seeing a streaked and spotty reflection and not being able to go back in time and make it stop- is enough to deter self-tanning altogether.

See this genius little puppy (and my warm-up for a horror film cameo) in action, and then click here to buy. Enter “selective-eye” at checkout and receive 20% off your purchase through Sunday, April 27.

And once you are armed and ready to self tan safely, try some of my personal faux glow favorites:

Even if you already have a pair of wedge sneakers in your closet, you really should buy another pair. And then another. And then, probably play it safe and buy one more. Because wedge sneakers are just about the most wonderful thing to happen to any woman on the planet who wears shoes- and if you don’t believe me, just watch this.

Here are the details on the styles featured:
Cool, not cliché, momNike Force Sky High Sneaker Wedge
Sneak sneakers with jeans hemmed for heels: L.A.M.B. Freeda
Sporting event style: adidas Originals
Short shorts saviors: PUMA Sky High Wedge and PUMA Classic Wedge
Commuter chic: Marc by Marc Jacobs Low Wedge (on sale!)

In love with rose gold? Check these metallic stunners out. And sure, this pair is pricey, but try to argue with me that they are not worth every penny. I mean, I would wear them at least 300 out of the 365 days of the year, wouldn’t you?


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