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Even if you already have a pair of wedge sneakers in your closet, you really should buy another pair. And then another. And then, probably play it safe and buy one more. Because wedge sneakers are just about the most wonderful thing to happen to any woman on the planet who wears shoes- and if you don’t believe me, just watch this.

Here are the details on the styles featured:
Cool, not cliché, momNike Force Sky High Sneaker Wedge
Sneak sneakers with jeans hemmed for heels: L.A.M.B. Freeda
Sporting event style: adidas Originals
Short shorts saviors: PUMA Sky High Wedge and PUMA Classic Wedge
Commuter chic: Marc by Marc Jacobs Low Wedge (on sale!)

In love with rose gold? Check these metallic stunners out. And sure, this pair is pricey, but try to argue with me that they are not worth every penny. I mean, I would wear them at least 300 out of the 365 days of the year, wouldn’t you?




Jenn Falik in Asos Dress on Today Show

People warned me that the time would come when Alexa would no longer allow me to pick out her clothes.

What they did not warn me about was that the time would come when Alexa would no longer allow me to pick out MY clothes.

I make no secret of the embarrassing truth that my daughter is the boss of me. (Also note that I am aware this is a problem and not the best reflection of my parenting skills but hey- we learn as we go, right? Right?!) Anyway- if you met her, she would very likely be the (very sweet but very stubborn) boss of you too. Within minutes, you would be frantically trying to figure out how to get “Frozen” to play on Amazon Instant Video while searching under the couch for her blankie.

On Thursday evening, I decided it was a good idea to invite her into my closet to help me pick out what I would wear on TODAY the next morning.  I figured she would play with my jewelry, try on any shoes within her reach, and call it a day. But no. That did not happen at all.

She spotted a neon pink floral print dress, demanded I try it on, and then handed me a pair of shoes to wear with it.  She looked up at me and said “Mommy, you look so beautiful!” Out of self respect I had to try another option (I mean, I couldn’t let her win so easily right?) so I put on this top and black pants. Alexa looked me up and down for a second, then said “Mommy, that looks like a swimsuit with a tutu.” She was kinda right.

Go figure that out of every segment I have done, this is the one that sparked the most “what were you wearing” emails, tweets and Instagram comments. 

The dress is from ASOS. I got it last year, but they made the exact same dress in an updated floral print for this season.

Obviously, I am buying it. (Don’t worry, I showed Alexa the picture online and she approves.)



Avocado Toast

Given that I have been adamantly opposed to all things avocado since I was old enough to be adamantly opposed to anything (i.e. out of the womb), the fact that the fanatical (um, borderline maniacal) buzz over avocado toast finally broke me is a surprising tribute to the power of the blogosphere.  Accolades like this, this and this surely had much to do with swaying my initial opinion on the fruit and, as a result, helped me discover my new breakfast of choice (cue gasp). 

My main qualm with avocado has always been the texture. Something about the creaminess in a solid form  never sat right with me. Plus, the flavor always seemed bland. Even their amazing ratio of healthy fats, fibers and vitamins wasn’t enough for me to put up with the mushy mouth sensation. 

So, my key to making avocado toast not only palatable, but downright pleasurable is the right amount of mashing (70% mush, 30% chunks), lots of lemon juice and a slice of wheat bread that was perhaps toasted for 20 sends more than it technically needed to be.

Here is my “recipe” for avocado toast to delight the avocado-averse: 

  • Cut an avocado in half and remove the skin (which is easier to do than I imagined- I chisel out the perimeter with a knife then literally just peel the skin off in one piece).
  •  Put one half in a Ziploc bag and place in the fridge, you are gonna want it tomorrow.
  • Slice other half super thin and put it into a deep bowl.
  • Put one piece of whole wheat bread in the toaster on a high heat setting. I use this toaster (obsessed with it, BTW) on the dark toast/2 slice setting.
  • Mash up the slices with a fork. In my opinion, pressing the fork against the sides of the bowl helps to speed the process.
  • Sprinkle in a dash of salt, pepper and juice from half of a lemon or lime and stir.
  • Spread it on top of toast (if your toaster is like mine, the ding should go off alerting you that toast is ready just as you are bored of stirring.)
  • Top it off with a little bit of juice from the remaining half of the lemon, then squeeze the rest into a glass of water to wash it all down.

If you guys have unique spins on the basic version, which I am sure you do, please share! This newly converted avocado enthusiast is all ears…


Um, doesn’t every girl turn 35 clad in a tutu, surrounded by pimp cup toting, gold leash wearing, crown donning stuffed tigers?

Oh, that’s just me? Hmmmm….Interesting. Anyway…

My husband and I decided to use the occasion of my birthday to throw our first official house party and, well, craziness (of the best possible kind) ensued.  Our goal was to create an adult party that didn’t feel too grown up, yet also didn’t come off like a thrown-together frat party. Inspired by my Pinterest addiction and a slew of creative, crafty friends, somehow we totally pulled it off.  Here are some highlights from the celebration, more to come next week since, well, I just can’t help myself…

The Theme: We’ll Never Be Royals. I didn’t want the party to feel fancy, and I think if you don’t have a distinct non-stuffy concept in mind, things can start to feel, for lack of better words, stiff and generic.  Having the lyrics to Lorde’s hit song as a “mood reference” gave everyone involved with the event- from the caterer to the dj to the guests- an initial idea as to the type of party this would be- one that didn’t take itself too seriously, with a mix of over-the-top rockstar excess tempered by  gritty details.


The Outfit: In all honesty, this party may have been an excuse to buy a tulle skirt (or 3) from my new obsession, Space46 Boutique. The jewelry is from my BaubleBar stash, and the t-shirt? Etsy.


Powder Room Pucker Bar: I have always loved the idea of a lipstick bar in the bathroom. Since I felt like if this party was a girl, that girl would most certainly wear Urban Decay, that was the brand of choice. They were so sweet to send me a generous mix of their top selling lip products- the new Revolution lipsticks, beloved Lip Junkie glosses and my personal statement lip staple of choice, Super-Saturated High Gloss lip color. On the door (not pictured) was a canvas, framed in sparkly pink duck tape, that, as the night went on, filled up with bright and colorful kiss prints left by each guest. Oh- and a key detail to mention- I ordered disposable lip brushes to keep it all clean. Grit is one thing, gross is another!


 Decor Details: A clothesline hung from the second floor, strewn with fishnets, lace lingerie, ripped up tee shirts and the like. Lucky me to have friends with much more edgy wardrobes than my own from which to borrow. Little glasses, mixed and matched from Goodwill, were filled with my personal DIY triumph of the night- glitter pills (tutorial to be shared soon). A stuffed tiger head found on a recent trip to FAO Schwarz, adored with one of my many crown-related purchases from Oriental Trading Company, greeted guests at the front door, and lipstick writing personalized a rented lucite bar, which was wrapped in graffiti fabric. The graffiti sign-in board was a double-duty addition to the dance floor decor- eventually it will hang in my office as a fun pop of color and a reminder of a very fun event. Alexa was kind enough to let us borrow her giant stuffed animal. When she left for the night, I tied a “gold leash” around his neck, gave him a pimp cup, some shades and voila- our very own tiger-on-a-gold-leash bouncer.


My little spin on “art of the suburban house party” will continue next week, so check back in for more details and a few lessons learned that I think anyone who wants to host a successful night of drinking and dancing will find helpful.  

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